TruPrinciples™ are the fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for our system of beliefs and behaviors. These are the TruPrinciples of TruPath:
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"Trust is foundational. Regardless of efforts, results, strategies, ideas… anything at all – If there is trust, then we have something upon which to build. If we do not have trust, it is impossible to move forward."
-Rick Gonzales, General Manager
"Trust is the cornerstone of commerce and society at large. It’s also a key element of success for individuals and companies alike."
-Bernard Nixon, Recruiter
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"Keeping our clients best interest in mind is important. At the end of the day it's important to keep in mind the reason they have hired us, to find the best quality candidates quickly and to make the process as seamless as possible on their end."
-Chris McKay, Senior Recruiter
Client advocacy means not just doing what’s right for the client but also doing what’s best. It means going above and beyond to find quality candidates who will be culturally-aligned and contribute positively to each organization.-Dorothy Scavera, Recruiter
Community Partnership
"Partnerships represent the culmination of trust and collaboration. More than just a 'transactional' or 'vendor' relationship, true partnerships are difficult, rewarding, and absolutely necessary as a foundation for effective relationships in our local community."
-Rick Gonzales, General Manager
"Community Partnership means giving to those who give, serving without expectations, and engaging with organizations that better our community.
-Ryan Nouis, Founder & CEO 
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“I believe in building relationships, asking questions and soliciting feedback from my partners. I learn from others constantly with these techniques. I love getting older because I feel like I am continually molding into the best version of myself! This growth would not happen without the help, guidance, and support that I get from others.”
-Megan McQuade, Community Relations Director
"Continually expanding your skill set in recruiting and in life. Knowledge in life."
 -Josh Rautio, Recruiting Manager
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"Be positive towards anyone I come in contact with. Positive energy feeds off of positive energy!
-Austie Smith, Payroll & Benefits Specialist
“Every day is a happy day when you enjoy the people you work with. Although we all have individual responsibilities, our success accelerates when we come together and share in each other’s progress.”
-Katya Hoodikoff, Associate Recruiter

TruPath™ provides businesses with culturally aligned talent. We’re a dynamic recruiting firm with the ability to identify candidates for a variety of roles across multiple industries. Our “niche” is in our process. We customize each search to meet the specific needs of our client and the position they seek to fill.
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